• 2022.2.14
    This event has ended.
  • 2021.12.24
    Official website open
The Kingdom of Madara ~ The Secret Treasures in the Snow Kingdom ~

Venue: Ski area of Madarao Mountain Resort
(Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture)

Period: 2022/1/15 Sat.~2/13 Sun.

Participation fee: 500 Yen (tax included)

* You can select from a Japanese language kit and an English language kit.
* The treasure hunt comes in two levels, Beginner and Advanced. You can play any level with the same kit.

Things you need:
writing utensils, skis/snowboard
Things that might be useful: a clipboard

Estimated time required:
Beginner: 60 minutes or longer
Advanced: 90 minutes or longer

Age range:
Beginner: 8 years or above
Advanced: 12 years or above

* The Beginner level is for those who can ride lift No. 1 and descend on skis.
* The Beginner level does not include any explorations on the ski course, but the Advanced level does.
* Since the treasure hunt will be held in the ski area, small children must be accompanied by a guardian.

Search hours: 9:30~ 16:00

Difficulty level: ★★☆☆☆

Where to buy the participation kit and where to report:
The bottom area of the ski slopes at Madarao ski area
Special reception desk inside the restaurant “Heidi”

Reception hours: 9:30~16:00
* Note that the sales reception closes at 14:30

Days closed: none

Food trucks are also scheduled to come to the venue!
For details, see “here”!

This event is a puzzle-solving game
where you solve puzzles and actually find hidden treasures.

How to participate

STEP1 Get a treasure map and decide your level!

First, get a treasure map (participation kit) at the sales counter and decide which level you want to participate in. There are two levels: the Beginner level, which is open to those who can ride the lift No. 1 and ski down, and the Advanced level, which includes explorations on the ski course.

STEP2 Solve the puzzles and head to the site!

Solve the puzzles shown in the treasure map and you will find out where to go. Go to that place. You may have to solve more puzzles there. Once you have solved all puzzles, you will know where the treasure is. Let’s go there.

STEP3 Find the treasure!

When you have found the treasure, fill in the [Discovery Keyword] which is written on the treasure. Once you have found all three hidden treasures of a level and filled in the keywords, head to the reporting desk. If all the keywords are correct, you have completed the game! At the end, you will receive a completion reward.

* You will receive the completion reward if you complete either the Beginner or the Advanced level.
* Even if you have completed both the Beginner and Advanced levels, you will only receive one completion reward per kit.

STEP4 Participate in the lottery!

Once you have finished the game, please answer the questionnaire you will be given at the reporting desk. This will enter you in a lottery where you can win an even more gorgeous prize.


① Madarao Mountain Resort 1-day Ski Lift Pass
– 6 pairs (12 persons)
* Valid until the end of the 2022-2023 season

② Guided E-BIKE Tour pair tickets
– 2 pairs (4 persons)
Available period: 2022/5/14 Sat.~10/16 Sun.
(some blackout dates apply)

③ Madarao Vacances Village pair accommodation tickets
– 2 pairs (4 persons)
Available period: 2022/5/14 Sat.〜10/16 Sun.
(some blackout dates apply)

Points to Keep in Mind

Please join the fun while observing the following:
  • The organizer will not be held responsible for any damage caused by accidents, injuries, damage to property, theft, etc. during the event.
  • Since the treasure hunt will be held in the ski area, small children must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Be sure to search only after you know where the treasure is. Please refrain from walking or exploring the slopes without reason.
  • Please do not ski or walk while reading the treasure map, as it is very dangerous.
  • The installations of this event do not have to be moved or damaged to become visible. Further, they have not been placed at the following locations: locations outside of the ski courses or off-limits/facilities with paid entry/in water/underground/in snow/at dangerous locations.
  • When participating in the treasure hunt, please be prepared for the environment, season, and weather conditions of the venue, such as preparing warm clothes in the cold season. Please also note that trails and roads may be icy.
  • Never search at night, during stormy weather such as snowstorms or if warnings have been issued, or in any other situation where you or others may be in danger.
  • The staff at the reporting desk does not have any hints for the puzzles. Please check the location where hints are posted.
  • If you are participating by car, please make sure that you park your car in the parking lot designated by the facility.
  • You will receive one completion reward per kit.
  • Participation in the lottery entry is also limited to one entry per person per participation kit.
  • If you cannot complete the game in one day, you can bring the kit with you to continue the challenge at a later date.
  • We are not able to reissue lost participation kits.
  • The transfer or resale of this kit is strictly prohibited.
  • It is strictly prohibited to publish the contents of this kit, answers, and photos of the displays on the Internet, such as blogs and social networking sites, or to transfer or resell them.

[Special considerations under the COVID-19 pandemic]

  • If you are not feeling well, or if you have cold-like symptoms including fever or other health problems, please refrain from participating. Please make your decision on whether to participate while giving top priority to health and safety.
  • To prevent infections, please wear a mask and wash your hands frequently when participating in the event.